Inflatables, Giant Games & Activities for any Event!!

The fun starts here with Apex!

Safe and tested

All inflatables are regularly tested and maintained.

Coach included

All inflatables come with at least 1 coach to set up and run the activity.

Hours of fun

All inflatables provide hours of fun and entertainment.

Fully Insured

Full insurance provided for all activities.

Inflatables and Giant Games


A. Four Part Obstacle Course

From £800+VAT
Space Required: 20ft(W)x145ft(L)x30ft(H)

Go big or go home! Our new 130ft obstacle course will challenge adults and children alike! Can also be split into 4 smaller sections!

B. Three Part Obstacle Course

From £575+VAT!
Space required: 2.7m(W) x 19m(L) x 3.3m(H)

The three part Obstacle Course is our new addition to the fleet and it is SO much fun!

C. Two Part Obstacle Course

From £350+VAT!
Space required: 14ft(W) x 46ft(L) x 15ft(H)

Our two part 38ft long Obstacle Course will push you to your limits! A fantastic experience for all ages!

C1. One Part Obstacle Course

From £275+VAT!
Space required: 11ft(W) x 26ft(L) x 9ft(H)

The one part Obstacle Course is great on its own or grouped with other inflatables to make a course of fun inflatables!

E. Batak Wall

From £195+VAT
Space Required: 13.5ft(W)x7ft(H)x8.5ft(H)

Try to push more of the blocks flat before your opponent. It's is a great fast-paced game that challenges your hand eye co-ordination.

E1. Washing Machine

From £500+VAT
Space Required: 20ft(W) x 10ft(H) x 30ft(L)

Dive in and find the matching out for the bubbles and be prepared to get wet!

F. Stepper

From £250+VAT
Space Required: 11ft(W) x 30ft(L) x 2.5ft(H)

How quickly can you run and step through our stepper? Great used on it's own but also part of an obstacle course!

G. Tunnels

From £195+VAT
Space Required: 10ft(W) x 6ft(H) x 10ft(L)

Can you negotiate the tunnels in record time? Great used on its own but also part of an obstacle course!

H. Inflatable Slide

From £350+VAT!
Space required: 14ft(W) x 33ft(L) x 20ft(H)

Experience our inflatable slide, it's even taller than a double decker bus! Feel the wind through your hair as you fly down the 10ft slide!

I. Spider’s Web

From £275+VAT
Space Required: 16ft(W) x 16ft(L) x 10ft(H)

Great for use as part of an obstacle course or as a stand alone inflatable. How quickly can you navigate through the bungees?!

J. Knockout wall

From £225+VAT
Space Required: 15ft (W) x 12ft (H) x 6ft (L)

Not to be climbed over but to pass items (water filled sponges) over!! How quickly can your team fill your bucket with water?!

K. Puzzle Cubes

£95 + VAT for 1 or £175 + VAT for 2
Space required: 3ft(W) x 3ft(L) x 3ft(H)

Think you can master this brain teaser?! It's harder than it looks, especially if you're racing against the clock!

L. Football Shooter

From £195+VAT
Space Required: 10.3ft(L)x8ft(W)x7.3ft(H)

Can you beat the goalie?? A great addition to any fun day and guaranteed to get children and adults competing!

M. Basketball Shooter

From £195+VAT
Space Required: 18ft(L)x13ft(W)x13.5ft(H)

Shoot some hoops in this addictive game! Compete in teams or individually to score as many points as you can!

N. Battlezone Target Wall

From £200+VAT per wall
Space Required: 12ft (W) x 6ft (L) x 8ft (H)

Test your accuracy with our target wall - can you knock off the floating balls? Includes 10 guns or megabows and bullets

O. Combi Castle

From £275+VAT
Space required: 25ft(W) x 21ft(L) x 20ft(H)

Double the fun with a castle and slide combined, perfect for the little ones! Try our combo slide today!

P. A Frame Castle

From £250+VAT
Space required: 16ft(W) x 21ft(L) x 15ft(H)

Try our new A frame castle with an exciting black and red design! The roof means the fun never has to stop! Suitable for adults.

Q. Bouncy Castle

From £250+VAT!
Space required: 16ft(W) x 21ft(L) x 15ft(H)

Bouncing fun for all ages! Great for birthdays, school fetes and suitable for indoor and outdoor use!

R. Bungee Run

From £350+VAT!
Space required: 11ft(W) x 28ft(L) x 12ft(H)

Think you're strong? Our 2 lane bungee run will test your speed and strength! Challenge yourself or compete against a friend.

S. Event Dome

From £200+VAT
Space Required: 27ft (W) x 27ft (L) 16ft (H)

Our event dome is ideal for use on events as a meet and greet tent, registration area or just an area out of the sun!

S1. Start & Finish Lines

From £150+VAT each
Space Required: 5.7m (W) x 2.8m (H)

Our start/finish line is ideal for use on running events. The start half is green and the finish half is red. Two inflatable arches available.

T. Football Arena

From £250+VAT!
Space required: 22ft(W) x 44ft(L) x 12ft(H)

Fancy a fun 3v3 tournament or a 1v1 decider, our Football arena creates a real sense of occasion! Use on grass or hard ground!

U. Gladiator Jousting

From £250+VAT!
Space required: 22ft(W)x 12ft(L) x 12ft(H)

Don't get knocked off your box! Hire our Gladiator Jousting arena for hours of fun indoors or outdoors!

V. Sumo Suits

From £180+VAT!
Size Required: 12ft(W) x 12ft(L)

Fancy some Sumo on Sumo action, we have suits for children and adults! Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

W1. Tilt Table

From £50+VAT with an inflatable
Space required: 3ft(W) x 3ft(L)

Giant tilt table! All you have to do is guide the ball round the course carefully to avoid it falling down one of the many holes!

W2. Beat The Buzzer

From £50+VAT with an inflatable
Space required: 3ft(W) x 6ft(L)

Giant Beat The Buzzer! Concentration and a steady hands - have you got what it takes?! Can be used indoors or outdoors!

W3. Kerplunk

From £50+VAT with an inflatable
Space required: 6ft(W) x 6ft(L) x 5ft(H)

Giant version of the popular game, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Take turns to remove the sticks but don't let the balls fall!

W4. Soft Play Package

From £300+VAT with a bouncy castle and staff member included
Space required: 15ft(W) x 25ft(L)

Various soft play equipment provided with a bouncy castle and staff member.

X1. Generators

£50+VAT each
Space Required: 45.5cm(W)x60cm(L)x46.5cm(H)

No Power? Then hire one of our Petrol Generators - Powers x1 inflatable section

X2. Large Generator

from £100+VAT each
Space Required: 55cm(W)x80cm(L)x54cm(H)

No Power? Then hire one of our Petrol Generators - Powers x2 inflatable sections